Saturday, August 14, 2010

A post a day...(maybe even two?)

Revelations, massive waves of thoughts, solutions to problems, moments of inspiration, paths to get the idea...often come to me in 3 scenerios.

1. I am in the shower and the water is pouring over my head.
Something about the goblets of cool water as they rush down in waves upon my head and ease the tension of the day or awaken me from my slumber causes a flury of activity to take root in my brain. I have lost count of the number of times that inspiration in the morning has provided me solutions to problems.

2. Driving on the open road.
Take the PIE or AYE-ECP at 4am in the morning and you'll know what I mean. Wind the windows down and breathe in the crisp early morning air...and ideas just fill my head.

3. Poo Poo.
What is commonly known as number 2 or big business in the toilet. Seating on my throne and easing the tension in my colon also helps me think. I also read a lot in the toilet.

Judging by no. 1 and probably realise where I would spend a lot of money in my home design.

Inspired by a friend who did "A Photo A Day" (APAD)...I had one of my revelations and decided that I shall religiously update my blog. A POST A DAY.

I mean...why have a blog if you leave it to fester right? So ok...I shall set a task for myself and that is to update this blog RELIGIOUSLY everyday. One post a day...just to see what it would be like. Its kinda like Julia Childs who cooked a receipe a day. (Yes...I watched Julia & Julia and thoroughly enjoyed it)

I also say religiously because I'm gonna liken it to saying my bedtime prayers. Except I'm not praying of course. Just rambling about thoughts that come into my head as the day passes.

I won't write about my day...although I may sometimes. But I prefer writing about little things that seem to come and go in my head.

I shall start.

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