Monday, December 03, 2007

I did it.


That was the time taken off my watch. Will have to wait for the official confirmation from the organisers to know my actual time.

But...yes. I did it...all 42.195 km of it.

It's great to have done something I have always thought of doing...but also always putting off to "next year la".

I have mixed feelings about this marathon though. I'm glad I finished what I started. At certain points, it really seemed so easy to hop on the bus or just stop and give it all up.
But at the same time...I kinda wished I had better preparation. Could have trained more so I didn't have to walk so much. Its a marathon...not a walkathon!

But I think I will just savour this little accomplishment first. That I did something I've always thought was a meaningful challenge that had to be accomplished once in a lifetime.

I think it must be that diet of Braveheart and Gladiator movies...where they keep asking you : "Someday when you are old and lying in bed, what can you tell your grandchildren about the things you accomplished in this life?"

I'm not exactly looking for a legacy...and I don't intend to forge an empire. But I know now that I have another story to share with my grandkids...

How this grandpa shuddered with hunger at the 39km mark when he saw and smelt the food being eaten by the marathon marshals and how he almost lunged forward to grab the fried chicken pieces from their lunch boxes. (My last meal was at 330am...and that was near 1pm!)

How walking around the 30-40km stretch was like a funeral procession cause everybody was so quiet and yet you could hear each silent scream and protest as we kept on pushing ourselves to the next painful step.

How some people can really dress up for they do the marathon at orchard road too?

How inspirational the older uncles and aunties IN FRONT OF ME were...I salute you. I hope at your age...I too can still do a marathon.

How I met this uncle and he reminded me of myself, doing the marathon for the first time and telling me he's "just gotta do this before he's too old for it"

Well...I could go on i guess. Not exactly the runner's perspective of the marathon. Just your average joe.

I'm done. I did it. And for the next few days...I will carry a smile, knowing I've accomplished something special in my life.

PS: At this point in time, I'm debating if I should put myself through this torture year. Hmmm...