Monday, June 26, 2006

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks, 1 year...and its all measured in the blink of an eye.

Considering my last post was in May 2005...I dare say I'm qualified to talk about time passing in blinks.

1 blink...and its the white-washed PAP kindergarten at Lorong Ah Soo. That lightning logo up on wall...just looked so darn cool then. My very caring and pretty teacher. How I would love to see her once again. 30cents ice know it's out there in that little motobike...can't wait for the bell to ring. (sorry...I cannot remember beyond my kindergarten. So dun expect me to start about me swimming with the other 2/3 million little tadpoles)

2 blinks...its Rosyth Primary and I'm opening doors for teachers and greeting them. Yup, some disciplinary action for wayward boys like me. Works wonders. I do it to my pupils these days. A few teachers to thank; Mrs Cheong, Mrs Elaine Low, Mr Jimmy Ng...for better or for worse I am ever grateful for you guidance.

3 blinks...Nil Sine Labore. And a school that will forever shape the values and principles which govern my life. Taught me leadership and the true meaning of brotherhood; espirit de corps.

4 blinks...JC and a crazy testosterone charged time. But most memorable and best of all, a crazy eclectic bunch of friends.

5 blinks...National Service. Yes Sir! No Sir and UP YOURS SIR! Thankfully, largely uneventful sleepy days in a sleepy camp doing clerical duties. Tore a knee ligament playing basketball and good ol' Godfather Mindef took care of it for me. Got 2 months MC too...heh heh

6 blinks...NIE. Or rather NTU ODAC. Spent some time learning to be a teacher but it seems I spent more time out in nature and frying that perfect pancake.

7 I am. One year on from teaching. And fully contemplating if this truly is a CAREER i want. The kids are worth it...the admin shitload is not.

In the space of two blog entries, I've also witnessed Liverpool win the FA Cup in yet another thrilling 3-3 final. And right now...its the WORLD CUP.

I've recently been to Ho Chi Minh and back.

And my weight is seriously unhealthy now. It used to be its SERIOUSLY UNHEALTHY. Gotta do something about it soon.

I miss stupid times with stupid people doing stupid things.
All you "stupid" people reading this, you know what I mean and I miss you guys.

Cheers folks...(although this entry seems rather gloomy)