Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My boo and my ride...

Feeling all cramped in the head and jus wanted to write something...or rather express something to the world...via my blog. (amazing fella hasn't died even though I've not blogged in it for over a year) It's a sign...I shud blog more.

Here are some pics of my boo...once self-proclaimed parasite of mine.
Hence forth affectionately known as "bak bak". On this day 4th July...America Independence Day...I proclaim her... "Bak Bak"

Just me and my boo..."bak bak"

More "unflattering" pics of the most glamourous couple in Singapore. Hiak hiak!

Cannot show the pretty pictures...otherwise I get the inevitable "How come a guy like him can be so lucky get a girl like her?" Yah...fat ol' tubby me met a nice pretty girl. Thank you...the world seeks balance and all is fair. If not...LOVE IS BLIND...ok?!! You happy now?

Well...now that we got the "boo" out of the way, time to present "THE RIDE"!!!

That's right folks...I present to you the very sexy "Ashley". 4 wheels, 5 gears, 1.5L VVT...a very spunky 2005 SUZUKI Swift! Ta da!

1 year and I've already clocked 25,000km! Whoo whee...

Ashley...cause she's a very cool Azure Grey. Fell in love with the colour, the moment I saw it.

There you go. "My Boo and My Ride"