Thursday, August 19, 2010

APAD 5/365: So I'm just that lil' bit excited...

Just taking a moment to blog as I sit at a kopitiam in Jalan Besar. By a stroke of luck, an ol' buddy of mine had extra tickets to tonight's YOG soccer game between Singapore and Montenegro.

Its pretty obvious as to where my allegiance would lie. COME ON BOYS! ROAR LIONS ROAR! Or should that be cubs? Hahaha.

I think its gonna be tough match for our boys. Whilst I havent exactly seen Montenegro play. The europeans do tend to be bigger and fitter. European football, Spain and Portugal aside, is historically tactical, technical and disciplined. Less flair and more robust disciplined action across the field.

Our boys? I think they aren't as technically astute nor as fit as the Europeans, nonthelesss, they probably will play their hearts out. Which is more than I can say for some of the recent games I've watched of the Senior Team.

The hour cometh and I'm waiting for my buddies to arrive. Gonna try the famous Jalan Besar Sambal Fish and Zhi Char...before kick off at 8pm.

Pleasantly surprised to see the YOG Basketball team with their coach sitting in front of me. These boys are tall. Had a short conversation with the tallest one and he mentioned that it was an off day for them so they are here to support the soccer team. Ahh...such joy to be an athlete in these times. (aside from the gruelling training and balancing of books)

Anyway....decided to buy them a round of drinks. Glad I managed to catch the kopi uncle's eye and told him that I would pay for their drinks. Its only drinks...but its my small little way of saluting them and honouring their contribution to our country.

Enjoy your drinks boys! GO SINGAPORE GO!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

APAD 4/365: What could possibly turn me...

(APAD 4 is just a bonanza of doing 2 posts in a day. keke...)

When I was doing National Service, I learnt to fire a M16 rifle.
While it was a fun thing to do, not to mention the enhancement of one's ego at the ability to shoot and kill...a new found fear soon dawned upon me.

In my hands lay a weapon by which I could decide a person's life. It was a chilling sort of way. So I begin to question if I could actually do it. Could I actually kill another human being? Even in a war...or in an extreme situation of similar nature...could I actually pull the trigger or inflict a mortal wound on another? I dun think I could though...I felt that its like killing a part of your own humanity when u destroy another.

But recently a can of worms was opened by a friend who posted about child rapists. It led me to question again. Were my own daughter or son sexually abused by another...would it drive me to kill out of rage and vengence. Surprisingly...I think I could.

I think the child rapists or paedophiles are the worst lot. I cannot accept that one would be willing to treat an innocent child in that manner. So if someone should do it to my own child I might conspire to kill the person. Come to think of it...if it happened to my might trigger a similar level of rage and violence.

But I dunno. Perhaps it is too hypothetical. I just know that with the above heinous acts, reason enough can be found within me to destroy another's life. Even if it means I end up in jail.

I think some of my friends may disagree with their religious doctrine. let me know if you think it different. Its just something I thought about.

APAD 3/365: To the beautiful people...

Of late I have had opportunity to know at a more personal (but not intimate) level, a few new friends who are homosexuals. More specifically, they were gay men.

Should anyone think this is the start of another purgatory against them, let me state outright and quantify myself in stating that I thoroughly enjoyed their company. I spent 3 days on a road trip with them and had very engaging conversations and discussions as well as a whole lot of fun.

I'm not saying that I begin with a sterotypical view of them which changed through the course of a road trip. Rather I've always known that gays make wonderful friends as well...we are after all human beings. As a friend remarked, race or religion...there are only good people and bad people. (I personally think there are more good people on Earth) So whatever their orientation, this would have been a swell bunch to hang out with.

Instead I write this because I want to quantify a part of me that has some strong aversion to them. But I'm starting to think that it may be too strong a word to use on myself. In particular I am more affected by gay men then gay women. Allow me to explain.

I don't think gay men are bad people. It's merely their sexual orientation. As I interacted more with them, I come to think its more of nature as opposed to nurture. I don't think there's a choice about being gay. Maybe to some...but for my new found friends, it doesn't seem that way. Yet I do not deny to feeling a little sickened at displays of affection at one another. It's wierd to see a guy being intimate with another. On the other hand...they may feel the same way about me and my partner in our heterosexual relationship.

Perhaps I am grown on a steady diet of strong machosimo man. Alpha Males who take charge. Masculinity is virtue. Like a lion strutting its mane, or an elephant with its manly tusks. And when I see man acting world folds inwards upon itself. I can't understand it. And as the history of human beings have shown...what we dun understand...we often fear.

Homophobic? Probably not. Perhaps a fear of what I don't understand. A fear of male impotence and fragility. Of coming to terms with a fellow man who expresses himself in a totally different manner from me.

And yet so many similarities abound between us. That we are all human beings who seek to build healthy relationships with others around us. We share common goals for our career and personal life. We cry when we are sad, shout when we are in pain, laugh when happy and above all else...struggle to live a good life. And as gays...they might even face a tougher struggle of prejudice and acceptance.

Forgive me if I cannot take it when you display your intimacy to your similar gender partners. It still raises the hair on my neck. But know that I gladly accept you as my brother or sister, to stand beside me should the hour cometh.

Oh...and the part about gay women...hee hee...maybe there's some raging male hormone filled fantasy about it. Go figure. HAHAHAHA!

And one question remains to be answered:
What if my son or daughter were to turn out gay one day?
I probably have an answer in mind...but I still think its too hypothetical. I will only know should the day arise.

Good night gentle folks and beautiful people. May the sun shine warm upon your face as it always does to me every morning.

Monday, August 16, 2010

APAD 2/365: This is home truly...where I know I must be

Recently a friend remarked to me that he had no loyalties to Singapore. He simply felt that Singapore had done nothing for him and that he owed Singapore no debt. Given a chance he would probably move to another country or should something tumultous occur within this region he would migrate to a separate country.

I am not sure if he truly meant what he said. Or could he be influenced by a wave of contemporary feelings amongst his peers? I do not know. What I do know is that as he said these words I felt a chill run down my spine. It made me question the value of loyalty to one's country. I won't even define it as patriotism, which seems to be too strong a word. Just a love or a sense of belonging to one's nation. Is it so hard to cultivate? Why did my friend feel this way?

And interestingly enough...why do I feel so strongly for Singapore. What burns in me? Happy and proud to be Singaporean. Why have I felt that my roots are here and that this is where I will build my life. Why do I stand unwavering about my nationality? Why do I feel I am able to stand and defend it if necessary?

By the way...same friend above has a cushy job, drives a luxury car and recently bought a luxury condominium unit. Clearly the notion of loyalty to nation has nothing to do with material wealth. is not doom and gloom. I still have friends who clearly state their love for the country. And I secretly thank them for sharing my belief for our tiny nation. It reinforces my views as well. One friend always shares how she hears the song "Home" by Kit Chan everytime her plan approaches the tarmac at Changi Airport. Unabashedly...I hear the same song and others as well. And its not just at the airport. At the the Causeway...coming home inadvertently makes me hum the tune to some good ol' Singapore songs.

Then I also have friends who like to ridicule me if I declare my love so boldy. Which makes me wonder why as well. When is it funny to make fun of someone who cares dearly for his tiny strip of land? Why do you tease me if I say that I am proud to be Singaporean? If you truly do not like this nation...why dun you just leave and find another? If you have so many things against this system and government...pack your bags and find another then. Me? I am happy to work my way with it and around it. I also find ways to critique it and put in my opinions to be heard so that the system can be improved. I have a cause and you have no right to judge me upon it. Then again...I have never been one to care for the jokes and insults of others. So long as my heart bleeds true and continues to bleed the red and white of my flag I have no fear of the small thinking of others.

Here I stand then. Declaring my love for this tiny nation. I sing its song with pride. And even though I may have heard the anthem a thousand times over...I still get goosebumps when it is played. My heart swells with its chorus and yes...I know the lyrics to most of the old national day songs. And should the day come, when cause becomes action, I will draw arms to defend what is my land, my home and my country. I have no recourse about it. I just know it.

I am Singapore, so it is and so it shall be.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

APAD 1/365: Ode to the GAME...(and my grandmother)

When it comes to soccer...I gotta admit that my grandmother is pretty good at it.
Nothing spectacular...just that I happen to have a grandmother can score goals better than any striker if presented with a glorious opportunity to shoot.

Yup. Better than the Van Nistelrooys or the Rooneys or the Torres or the Ronaldos.
My grandmother knows how to position herself in the goal area and unleash the most technical of volleys or toe-pokes in order to ensure that the white orb enters into the crevice behind the line.

I've lost track of the number of times I have said out loud," Even my grandmother also could have scored!" Therefore...if the Fergusons or the Mourinhos are reading this. They should sign my grandmother. I'd probably price her at 30million pounds.

Enjoy the game guys! Its back!

PS: SINGTEL...I still hate you. MIO TV sucks. Your remote control is so tiny with miniscule lettering...even I have difficulty looking for the right button to press! Have you not heard of ERGONOMIC designs? I pity my grandmother...even though she is the world's best striker.

PSS: You'll never walk alone...(even if I have become jaded)

A post a day...(maybe even two?)

Revelations, massive waves of thoughts, solutions to problems, moments of inspiration, paths to get the idea...often come to me in 3 scenerios.

1. I am in the shower and the water is pouring over my head.
Something about the goblets of cool water as they rush down in waves upon my head and ease the tension of the day or awaken me from my slumber causes a flury of activity to take root in my brain. I have lost count of the number of times that inspiration in the morning has provided me solutions to problems.

2. Driving on the open road.
Take the PIE or AYE-ECP at 4am in the morning and you'll know what I mean. Wind the windows down and breathe in the crisp early morning air...and ideas just fill my head.

3. Poo Poo.
What is commonly known as number 2 or big business in the toilet. Seating on my throne and easing the tension in my colon also helps me think. I also read a lot in the toilet.

Judging by no. 1 and probably realise where I would spend a lot of money in my home design.

Inspired by a friend who did "A Photo A Day" (APAD)...I had one of my revelations and decided that I shall religiously update my blog. A POST A DAY.

I mean...why have a blog if you leave it to fester right? So ok...I shall set a task for myself and that is to update this blog RELIGIOUSLY everyday. One post a day...just to see what it would be like. Its kinda like Julia Childs who cooked a receipe a day. (Yes...I watched Julia & Julia and thoroughly enjoyed it)

I also say religiously because I'm gonna liken it to saying my bedtime prayers. Except I'm not praying of course. Just rambling about thoughts that come into my head as the day passes.

I won't write about my day...although I may sometimes. But I prefer writing about little things that seem to come and go in my head.

I shall start.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On this would have been six

A day to remember what could have been.
Thoughts come and thoughts go,
Invariably they end up going back to when things were.

I never intended it to end this way
But it did.
Regrets, I've had a few;
This would be the biggest.

Wishing you well in whatever you do.
We'll pass each other someday
I wouldnt know you and you wouldnt know me by then.

Good bye though memories will linger.
They always do.