Saturday, August 14, 2010

APAD 1/365: Ode to the GAME...(and my grandmother)

When it comes to soccer...I gotta admit that my grandmother is pretty good at it.
Nothing spectacular...just that I happen to have a grandmother can score goals better than any striker if presented with a glorious opportunity to shoot.

Yup. Better than the Van Nistelrooys or the Rooneys or the Torres or the Ronaldos.
My grandmother knows how to position herself in the goal area and unleash the most technical of volleys or toe-pokes in order to ensure that the white orb enters into the crevice behind the line.

I've lost track of the number of times I have said out loud," Even my grandmother also could have scored!" Therefore...if the Fergusons or the Mourinhos are reading this. They should sign my grandmother. I'd probably price her at 30million pounds.

Enjoy the game guys! Its back!

PS: SINGTEL...I still hate you. MIO TV sucks. Your remote control is so tiny with miniscule lettering...even I have difficulty looking for the right button to press! Have you not heard of ERGONOMIC designs? I pity my grandmother...even though she is the world's best striker.

PSS: You'll never walk alone...(even if I have become jaded)

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