Friday, April 08, 2005

I AM DA SUN!!! (I always knew I was hot...)

I am da sun card...

Took another little quiz...thanks to da "Fangster"...who calls me her beautiful servant. Its a trade-off I be known as beautiful...I also gotta be called servant. Keke

Anyway...I just like the images provided, especially the tarot cards. So have a go at the tarot card quiz why don't you? And do let me know what card you are...

Here's my results...

The Sun Card
You are the Sun card. The light of the Sun reveals
all. The Sun is joyful and bright, without fear
or reservation. The childish nature of the Sun
allows you to play and feel free. Exploration
can truly take place in the light of day when
nothing is hidden. The Sun's rays fill you with
energy so that you may live life to its
fullest, milking pleasure out of each day. Such
joy and energy can bring wealth and physical
pleasure. To shine in the light of day is to
have confidence, to soak up its rays is to feel
the freedom of a child. Image from: Stevee

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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I'm 25...holy-ca-moly-macaroni!!!

Right...after each entry I tend to re-read...couldn't believe the amount of typos I made.
Bet I would have typos here as well...

Started changing some stuff on my blog. My age has gone up by one...

Oh my gawd...

I'm 25.

and I'm utterly lost about myself and what I wanna do...where I wanna go. I can so understand the people who run away and hide somewhere...I hear the landfill area in Singapore Pulau Semaukau is quite an idyllic place. Hahaha...maybe...

What does 25 feel like? I dunno....I seriously think I stopped growing cognitively...I think its only my stomach that keeps growing. Hahahaha....

Oh well...I really have to start work and marking. Bye.

Everybody... "be cool"

The Return of Eu-ne-ne

Back to writing on this little space of mine on the big scary internet.

Stopped writing for a while cause you start evaluating if you really need a space to air or maybe it was just one of those one off fad which you joined coz it seemd fun to do at the time then you realise what the heck its already on the web why not just start using it right? Anyway regarding space to air...I believe Singapore's still got enough for me to let off air.

(farting relieves stress and tension...let them rip!)

So ardent readers (and fans) of this blog space. Thank you for clickin' here ever so often and wondering how come eunene hasn't written like in 1000 years. Is he like waiting for some 1000 year old lingzhi to grow before he actually resumes this space?

Yeah...I must know how you guys feel. Coming here and going away empty...its like you click and then you see that stupid quiz thing I did in January. Must be a real anti-climax...

Hmm...dat said. This entry must really come as an orgasm. See...I'm the highlight of your day!

Ok...enough of sexual innuendoes. What is it with them and me anyway? Maybe I'm just your above average testosterone over-charged raging male. Yah...who in his right mind actually calls Chilli Crab dishes... "ORGASMIC CRABS"??? Nobody I know...but me.
(But seriously...there's this stall in Ang Mo Kio...they serve orgasmic crabs I tell you. Yes...damn nice...but lately damn expensive also.)

All you friends who have been dropping by to have a look at this space. I thank you. You really make it a point to stay in touch with me in your little ways. And yes, I promise I will update more often from now on. I've got lotsa stories to tell nowadays ever since I started...TEACHING.
Yes...teaching. It is a joy...and a damn exhausting one. If you ignore the over-charged raging male testosterones...I think I make a pretty decent primary school teacher.

I regret the last statement. I suddenly have a premonition of parents pulling their students out of my school tomorrow morning and leading them on a mass exodus...hahaha.

But seriously...its been a crazy mix and a rioller-coaster ride lately. Kinda been making me re-evaluate my goals and dreams too. And the newspaper's been printing so much about teaching. I'm gonna start sharing my thoughts here about my experience. I guess is just gonna be another teacher-blog?

NO WAY MAN! Promise I'd still write about other cute as them kids are and as frustrating as it is to churn out lesson plans everyday...I tell myself there's gotta more to life than teaching.

Last but not least...I am seriously writing on a stream of if it all does not make sense, just go visit another blog ok. Singapore's most famous is

And I suppose many of you(many? haha...who am I kidding) who read this will wonder how come I seem to write with an audience in this is not a personal diary. Well...I guess its just how I am...I've always been a bit of a showman. Its also how I view this blog thing. Some see it as a diary...I see it as a place to just say what I want to...within the legal and whatever OB markers them gahmen people are always talking about.

Hmmm...screw that last statement. I write what I want...and you read. Thanks hor... (bats eyelashes to look puppy-dog cute)

I just love it how I can give my readers an orgasmic high and then leave them puking at the end. Hahahaha.

Enough said. I have returned... (and here are more mis-quotes to mark this momentuos occasion)

Hell hath no fury like a teacher with tonnes of marking to do...

What I do in this blog, echoes in eternity...

ROOOOAAAAARRRRR! (T-rex from Jurassic Park)

ROOOOAAAAARRRRR! (Simba from Lion King)

Till the next 5 cents...