Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coming full circle

It's funny how some things seem to come back to you. Full circle...
Inane happenings or a curious chain of events or an innocuous purchase...

Last night I went out looking for a cheap watch. Needed one to do the Army Half Marathon 21km. I have a timex, but the strap broke and it will take a week to replace according to the agent I called. My other watches are either too new or not suitable to the rigours of a hot, sweaty run.

So off I went to Mustafa - that amazing provision mama-shop gone wrong. I had a CASIO in mind...one of those "Terrorist-bomb" models. It's cheap, has a stop watch function and is often used by terrorist to fashion bombs. Hence the moniker...ha!

Lo and behold...look what I found for $15! (amazingly cheap Jap tech)

A sweet uber-retro Casio with Time, alarm and Stop-watch. Water resistant no less.

You gotta hand it to the guys at CASIO. They've got a way of making everything function for real value. Nowadays, its not so fashionable...maybe some of the G-shock range.

What's this thing about coming full circle? Well...if memory serves me well. This was like my first watch when I was 8-9 years old. I guess I was a tad nolstagic when I saw it last night.

Yup. Brings me back to when I was a 'wee' chap. And now I hope it will serve me well...as that cheap stopwatch I can totally trash for my runs.

The runs are still on track. This sunday...its the Singapore Bay Run...21km!
Flagging off at 530am. I hope to complete under 3hours. Best timing should be 2hr 45min.

Here's the route:-

Wish me luck folks. Think if you come at 830...can see me cross the line...hahaha.
I promise I will not collapse and start rolling across it...
Must cross with style...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Staying the course...

It hasn't been easy...but at least there are the runs.

I'm quite comfortable doing a 20km now...with the help of some buddies...its been a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

Weight hasn't been going down...and neiter is the body looking any better. HAHAHA!

But still I've done what I once thought was impossible.

I signed up for the Army Half Marathon 21km...and the Standard Chartered Full Marathon 42.195km.

God...what have I gotten myself into.
I do a nice and slow 20km in about 3hours.
I'll probably finish the marathon in 7 hours.