Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I've seen the MASTER BLOGGER...

As my friend Candy so tenderly terms it...
I am a "Virgin Blogger" new to this whole blogging experience.

and tonight she showed the mere mortal divine blog beings play.

Check this blog-site out man...

I am truly humbled. I caught her interview on ChannelNews Asia about a day or two after setting up my blog...or was it the same day? Remembered it cause they were discussing the dangers of blogging.
Seriously...DANGERS? You mean people don't realise this is an open diary of sorts?
Just find it wierd. But maybe I'm just slightly behind this whole era.
Yeah sure...I grew up with the internet...but it didn't seem a big thing to me leh. It was just one of them new things you know.
But I realise a lot of my younger peeps are seriously wired up man...very very tech-savvy.
Me? I'm just happy to be able to change the lightbulb! Compared to people who can discuss WAP, 3G, HTML, PIXELS...I have resigned myself to being a dinosaur.

But at least in Singapore...I know PIE, CTE, AYE, KJE, BKE, SGH, NUS, NTU, NIE and most important of them all... KNNBCCB. (seldom used...but it speaks volumes sometimes)

ok...back to blogging. Just wanna say...the girl can really really write. Check her blog out...kinda amused by it too...lots of funny articles. Some Hong Kong mag even voted her best blog in Singapore. about me being humbled big time.

Me? I shall just plod a long and blog a little more... And maybe someday...I might elevate myself the status of them divine blog beings. Got a few frens who are possibly there eunice and wan. I shall share their blogs when they allow me to.

Dat said. Who cares right...hahahaha. The reason I'm blogging so much lately...cause I keep distracting myself from my books. I have an exam TOMORROW. How wonderful...and this time...I seriously hugging Buddha's leg.

So in blog terms...I have seen the stars and the all mighty powers of what a blog can do. And I shall be satisfied that at the end of the day...I've also got my own little weeeeeee space on the internet to pen my thoughts... my 5 cents worth as I always say...

Until the next 5 cents then...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My mama always warned me about Instant noodles...

I'm enjoying a warm warm bowl of instant noodles, Myojo Chicken Abalone Noodles, on a cold cold Tuesday morning. Dun think these qualify as breakfast though...

Myojo noodles are good...coz the noodles come in circles...I'm serious. Noodles packed in circle...taste nicer than square noodle. Somehow...they just cook better. These are my astute observations after nearly 18 years of instant Noodle experience. Don't argue with me ok.

Anyway here's a list of my preference of instant noodle brands...and my recommendations if you ever buy Singapore instant noodles...

1) Chu Qian Yi Ding Sesame flavour and Tung-Yi Chicken Abalone (its a tie)
2) Myojo Chicken Abalone
3) Myojo Ramen "Char Mee" (dry spicy noodles...throw in an egg and spinach for a perfect bowl)
4) Nissin Cup Noodle - Chicken Mushroom or Chicken (yea...when really pressed for time...esp the night before exam paper)
5) Maggi Mee (if you cannot find options 1-4)
6) Super Instant Noodle (Please NO. You only eat this if you are ever stranded on an island and by some horrible twist of fate, there are crates of these noodles washed ashore. You wonder if they really are noodles in them...or issit just SODIUM disguised as noodles.)

That said...I shall now reveal the horrible insight I received this morning while cooking the noodles. Apparently one packet of Myojo Mee contains 1890mg of SODIUM. Big deal right...1.9g of sodium only what...

Let the gods laugh...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

See...the daily SODIUM requirement of a human body is only 2500mg! Which packet of Myojo Mee packs a whopping 80% of your daily sodium requirement!
Now, that is way too much sodium (let's just consider it salt) for one bowl!!!
Read more about the detrimental effects of sodium here.

Surprisingly, the same information can be gotten at the back of the Myojo Mee packet. Which leaves me to conclude that... Either a) Myojo Mee intends to run its business to the ground or worse b) Nobody really cares about nutrition labels. Judging by the roaring sales of its noodles and by my own ignorance (until today)... b) nobody cares.

My Mama was that my scalp itching? I think my hair's gonna fall off!
Yikes...I think its time we all paid a little more attention to nutrition labels... sodium occurs most in processed food...its used as a flavouring...
Somehow our tongues just love them sodium...who cares what it does to our bodies right?

Processed food...instant noodles, canned food...
And the list includes Mcdonalds!!!
Why the sudden worry about diet? Cause I just watched "Super Size Me"
Everybody who ever eats at McDonalds...should go watch "Super Size Me".
Its a documentary about a guy who goes on a 30 day McDonalds diet...
At the end of the 30 day...he has a liver that's close to collapsing, he puts on close to 30 pounds or 13kg of weight and he's blood-cholesterol is way up the roof...
I'm so off McDonalds for the month...maybe the year...hopefully forever.

That's not to say I even eat it often. I think I average two times in a month. I think that's bad enough hor... Oh my...

After all that's said and done...I've still cleared my bowl of noodles (guilty) but hey...I didn't drink the soup! (lame excuse)

Alright...for longevity's's a picture of me and my sister... standing by the "Bridge of Eternity". Can't say I didn't do my part to try to live longer...

My sister and I on the "Bridge of Eternity" (circa 1984 or 85) Posted by Hello

I so love this photo man...its got this retro-chic look. I wonder why I look so "sullen"...?

Ok...everybody watch your sodium intake man...its scary.

And eat only fresh food. My last word of advice...

Until the next 5 cents...

What Colorquiz says about me...

Took an interesting colorquiz personality test... Got it off a friend's blog. (Thanks eunice...was browsing through some of your old entries)

Its pretty accurate...amazing what colours can say about you. I think those who know me well enough will be nodding their heads to this.

Your Existing Situation
Imaginative and sensitive; seeking an outlet for these qualities--especially in the company of someone equally sensitive. Interest and enthusiasm are readily aroused by the unusual or the adventurous.

Your Stress Sources
Wants to overcome a feeling of emptiness and of separation from others. Believes that life still has far more to offer and that he may miss his share of experiences if he fails to make the best use of every opportunity. He therefore pursues his objectives with a fierce intensity and commits himself deeply and readily. Feels himself to be completely competent in any field in which he engages, and can sometimes be considered by others to be interfering or meddlesome.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Remains emotionally unattached even when involved in a close relationship.
Feels that he cannot do much about his existing problems and difficulties and that he must make the best of things as they are. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective
Seeks success, stimulation, and a life full of experience. Wants to develop freely and to shake off the shackles of self-doubt, to win, and to live intensely. Likes contacts with others and is enthusiastic by nature. Receptive to anything new, modern, or intriguing; has many interests and wants to expand his fields of activity. Optimistic about the future.

Your Actual Problem
The fear that he might be prevented from achieving the things he wants leads him to play his part with an urgent and hectic intensity.

Your Actual Problem #2
Fights against restriction or limitation, and insists on developing freely as a result of his own efforts.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


There are friends...and then there are FRIENDS.

Friends who actually buy you a 3-pack of condoms...who even take the time to choose "Close Fit" for you.

Last night...I went out with Angela, Chee Kong, Eunice, Alex, Ming Yuan and her bf, Wei Liang.
I think we had a few drinks too many...although it was just coffee. But I think everybody got I think the coffee at "The Coffee Connection" - Boat Quay has got some serious dosage of aphrodisiac or something.

Here are my reasons why...

1) Alex, Eunice and Angela goes to 7-11 to buy some drinks coz we went down to the padang to have a chat after TCC closed. Amazingly one of the two girls (*ahem...the ex-somali*) actually convinces him to get a pack of condoms. they meant it as a gift for me. But imagine Alex...stepping ever bravely forward towards the 7-11 cashier...and buying that box of "Close Fit" condoms. Then again...we think he must have been DAMN PROUD...coz he was flanked by two ladies.

Picture : Alex...grinning the way he does. Eunice to his left, Angela on his right. Money in one hand...and condoms in the other. HAHAHAHAHAHA... leaves us to conclude that the 7-11 cashier most likely would have thought "Wah...lucky BAST@RD..." or "Wah...this guy 3-pack enough or not???" Heh heh
In any case, below is the evidence of what they got me...

A "Close Fit" to mark a memorable evening... Posted by Hello

2) Prior to this...we actually had a DAMN DAMN GOOD time chatting and talking cock (pun intended) at "The Coffee Connection"...and this was before the purchse at 7-11 mind you...
We had interesting conversation about... (in no order of priority)
- Freaky Waiter who was spying on wayward Lawyer (Angela)
- Why Eugene has become more polite and horny ever since he got attached... go figure
- What Eugene's gf does behind the blinds in his room...
- Why Angela-Ming Yuan-Eunice does not understand the meaning of "in your room"...throughout the evening, they repeatedly ask me... "WHAT YOU MEAN SHE'S IN YOUR ROOM?"
- Me explaining "in my room" to them repeatedly.
- Angela's explanation that "in you room" got many meanings...
- Me again saying, "Yea...she's just using the room" and also having to explain how I managed to kick my very sweet roommate out. (he's away on a trip to India and Nepal lah...)
- Friends asking if my gf does my laundry...and me saying "Yea...she does. Was shocked to find my laundry washed and folded neatly in my cupboard"
- And our good friend Angela tells me that's BAAAAD... at this juncture...its funny to hear a girl tell me that its bad for another girl to do my laundry. I thought its the guys who have these issues. (on a side note....thanks babe...for helping with the laundry. Very SURPRISED.)
- Angela-Ming Yuan-Eunice again asking me "WHAT'S SHE DOING IN YOUR ROOM?" this point in time...I starting to wonder if there's some webcam in my room...secretly filming for the hedonistic pleasure of a cranked up lawyer, tourist promoter and a SINGTEL employee...
(Maybe Eunice will use me as next Singapore attraction...)
- Seriously starting to worry as come my friends so desperate to see my gf. They actually asked me to force her down. Sigh...before this night...I thought I had a nice bunch of civilised folks I could introduce her too. After that night...I fear...
- The worse of it all. They actually ponder if they should drive back to my they could see her "in my room". (Exibit A: Girl in Eugene's room. Here you see the female of the species comfortably exercising her neural capacity mugging for her exams in a room. The room has 4 walls and a door...ever so often the species will eat and sleep. Occasionally she will help with laundry) Eunice...yea...I can be next Singapore attraction.
- How I am the only grandson in my 3 generations are counting on me... yips!

3) So TCC had to close...and we adjourned to meet at the Esplanade park for a longer chat. It was just one of those really swell evenings and we were having tonnes of fun. Angela hasn't heard the story about how I got I had to re-tell it again to everyone. With added bits of extra and drama from Ming Yuan which I never knew existed...And after I reached the conclusion which Angela seems awfully pleased about. Everybody's just enamoured that I've got a girl in my room....hahaha. So they present me with the condom.

At this was laugh out loud crazy man. I figured it out the moment they said they had a reward for me. can make certain connnections.

4) Interestingly...I started looking at the labels behind. And we started discussing them! Hahaha it's actually pretty amusing what the back of a condom box says...

Check out the Tagline!
"Durex Close Fit condoms are narrower than standard condoms to provide a tighter fit for extra confidence"
So...the next time you need to feel confident. Hahaha.
And Ming Yuan saying that we wear them under our pants...which in itself is also wierd.
In any now you know where to get extra confidence.

How about "Non-vaginal use of condoms may increase the risk of them slipping or being damaged"
Duh. But it does leave much to the imagination...what non-vaginal use means as well. Well...I suppose its the goverment's way of encouraging creativity.

And the one which we debated about and thought really funny...
"Nominal Width : 49mm"
What exactly is Nominal Width? Hahahahaha....

Last but not least...something I just noticed...check out where its manufactured!
So reassuring...

Posted by Hellothe back of the Box...hiak hiak

OK...Thanks guys. The night was just truly memorable. Made special by them condoms...hahahaha.

This one of those nights that go down in history. The stuff of legends and folklore...
This kinda stories...will keep on telling man.

For all you LOTS club fellas thinking of getting hitched... BEWARE!!!
And Janis...I worry for got a wedding coming... Hahahaha

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ramblings...just ramblings.

I shall begin with the number 2...
That's the number of times I washed the same set of clothes. Why? Cause of the rain...which seems to fall every afternoon. I've contrived that the heavens are against me. Everytime I leave the laundry out to dry, the rain falls.
And just when I happen to go home...the sun comes out in a blistering blaze of glory...leaving me to regret not drying my clothes in the hostel.
Well...on hindsight, I suppose I've reached a stage where I can whine about laundry.
Step 1 to being a house-husband completed...

*Please...just let my undies dry THIS TIME...

So here's the 3rd entry of my prestigious blog...
Started writing cause I got fed up with assignments.
Seriously lost man...sometimes dunno what I do all these for.
I suspect I might regret joining much admin and paperwork.
But I've always like interacting with people...especially kids. I like to make them laugh.
Hmmm... I think I should be a professional clown.

Lost as I may be...I'd like to reflect that a new inspiration has come to my life as well.
Funny thing called love...strikes you when you least expects it.
Leaves you breathless.
So amidst all the confusion and least a few things still remain clear...and I am grateful.

"i find peace when im confused.i find hope when im let down.not in me, in You.its in You.Hope to lose myself for good.i hope to find it in the end.not in me, in You.In You." -Switchfoot

And there's family. Eccentric ol' mum of mine and one silent cranky dad...and a dear sister who's coming back for a wedding ceremony in 2 weeks. And the whole kampung...cousins, aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews. Sometimes...weekends with you guys truly keeps me sane. There is no greater comfort then returning to the warm embrace of a loving family. Thanks folks for making it all special.

And there's friends. Dear ol' Jon once said meeting up was like "touching base"...a return to roots...a warmth shared by a common bond. How true. Missing you peops of the 14th SC.
Some friends I dun meet for ages...but we can meet in 5min and it will seem like time has not changed a thing. Kie Hian, Kar Hoe, Wee Keat to name a few. Happy to grow old with you guys.
Shared experience...stupid moments in camp...they belong to a select bunch of individuals from HQ 21 SIB. Wonder when we'll meet for soccer again...seems so long already.
The pounding of the ball...and tok kok sessions on cool saturday evenings and hot sunday afternoons. Cheers to the basketball fellas as well.
Last but not least ODAC...for 4 years of academic life...and a whole lot of crapping, singing, camping, cheering, hiking and EATING! Looking back...its been such a wonderful journey. Thank you for standing by my side.

And to many more I have met along the journey. Thank you for your contributions on each step of the way.

Hahaha....just realised I kinda sounded suicidal there.
No no...just appreciating family, friends and a special someone on a cool tuesday morning.
Nothing wrong ok...I've got dreams to chase still...I am not COMPLETE...

Ok...ramblings stop here.