Monday, January 15, 2007


I've tried hard to stay the course.
Last weekend was a 6km undulating run at Macritchie and this weekend was another 6km at Pierce...complete with slopes.
In between, I had a gym session on Thursday.
So I need more gym work...and at least a weekday run. Trying hard to fit it all in.

What I found out though was pretty rough...
My gym work is horrible...weights I could do before...leave me cramping now. I had to rather embarassingly shift to lower weights. No running from the I decided to start small again...and build my way up. Trying to be careful also...cause I dun want to end up looking montrous. If you overload and build happens. I see it all the time...huge clunky guys with scary improportionate lumps.

Did some lunges and realised I had knee joint i gotta work the legs or I might not survive the 42km. Might try some glucosamine too. A fren's mum very kindly decided to donate me her supply of pills. Heard from another friend that the topical gel is also quite good. I gotta take care of me knees...

As for the runs...I hit the "wall" on each occassion. I can't explain it.
I'd be running and then suddenly I feel really light headed...
The lightheadedness washes over me...from head to toes...and next thing I know... everything just shuts down. Brain doesn't want to run...and body just becomes damn sluggish.

*some folks are concerned that I might be pushing myself too hard. I assure you, I haven't really pushed yet. Dat said...I also have a heart specialist appointment on Wednesday 17 January at SGH. Doing an echo cardiogram and ultrasound to determine if everything is ok...considering my heart murmur and all. Will reveal results.

I'm trying to understand this. Perhaps its from lack of prolonged distance running. (I seldom run pass 5km) In any case, each time I resolve to overcome it. Usually need to walk a bit and then slowly psyche myself up to run again. I figure its something "mental"...because somehow I know my lungs and legs can still continue. Its jus this "wall" I got.

Ok...looking to join a first race soon. Jus for the fun of it.

Bak bak sprained her ankle badly. No exercise for 3 weeks. Poor thing...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things to look forward to in 2007 - RUN!

There are some things you know you just have got to do once in your life.
Me...I have a little list... (which can easily grow into a big list)

1. Bungee Jumping
2. SCUBA diving with a Great White Shark / Whale Shark / Dolphins...
3. Standing in the shadow of the Grand Canyon
4. Nepal / Tibet tour
5. A full marathon.

A full marathon...all 42.195km of it.

A long time ago, I promised myself that I'd attempt it at least once in my life. i wanted to do it last year...but procrastination set in and took rot.

2007 seems a fine year to give it a whopping KICKSTART.

I'm getting a little help from a cousin and his running group. So I'm looking forward to this. I dun care how long it would take me to do it. But I will not give up till its done.

See you at the finishing line. I hope you'll be there to cheer me on.

For further inspiration...look at the video below.

I'm only planning to run 1 marathon in 2007.

As of June 2005, Team Hoyt had participated in a total of 911 events, including 206 Triathlons (6 of which were Ironman competitions), 20 Duathlons, and 64 Marathons, including 24 consecutive Boston Marathons. They also biked and ran across the USA in 1992 — a 3,735 mile journey that took them 45 days.
When asked what one thing Rick wished he could give his father, his reply was "The thing I'd most like is that my dad would sit in the chair and I would push him once."
(thanks to wikipedia)

Dick Hoyt is 65. His son Rick is 44.
Son cannot race without father, and the father will not race without Son.

It is an amazing feat, not just a physical, mental exertion, but it tells of a father-son bond that is so inspiring. The first time I watched the video, my eyes teared.

If they can do can I.

Trying again...

I was never one to make new year's resolutions. I'd try...and I'd fail.
There would be stuff I wanted to do or change...and I'd get them done, or that'd be stuff I couldn't accomplish for reasons whatsoever. The funniest and most interesting bits are doing stuff you never knew you would be doing at the start of the year. As for the unaccomplished tasks, I would disappoint myself in failing to meet my own expectations. It's a horrible feeling. And after a few years of trying...I gave up altogether on resolutions.

So...I give up on expectations...and instead go about life with a "Take-it-as-it-comes" attitude. I choose my feelings as I live the year. I'm happy...I am sad. There is no expectation of what the year ahead will be. It kinda makes me ready for anything that happens. And its rather exciting...kinda like living on the edge.

Frankly, its also double-edge. Because there is this inherent lack of structure. Or a lack of motivation to do something meaningful. (the counter argument is that I keep finding meaning in a lot of stuff I do anyways!...but that's for another day of musing)

I've been thinking a lot. And I realise...I gotta start planning somehow. To maybe try again...and start with new perspectives or just "refresh" the know. After a while...I start feeling aimless...and it scares me to the bone. It really does.

Having a blog makes it interesting as well. I could post it up...and review it as the year goes by. There's also the pressure from YOU, the avid reader, friend and relative, who will probably see this...and start making fun of me. And I will have to take it in my stride...because I wanted to share this in the first place. In the end...YOU'd probably help me achieve what I wanted encouragement or taunt. Heh heh.

I won't call them RESOLUTIONS. Cause resolution sounds "resolute", like I couldn't review and modify if necessary. Instead...I present in a series of blog posts...


Stay tuned...