Monday, August 14, 2006

Many many moons ago...

I suppose the title is a tribute to the many moons I've shared with all the ODACians who have ever slept under the stars with me. In a way, this blog is a memory - One which is slowly fading, though I try hard not to let it go so softly into the night. I tell myself some things you never can forget, and yet as the years roll by, you realise you do lose it bit by bit.

I begin this entry at year one. I can't say if I could write all the way to year three but at least I'll leave everyone with the beginning.

Year One remains special, unique and unforgettable. I dunno why. Maybe things were a lot simpler than...or we were simpler? Everything seemed possible and we jus had to reach out for the stars in order to get them. Who were we? We were the ODAC 6th Family.

Here we are at a time when digital cameras were very expensive and this was a shot taken off Chie Fong's trusty NIKON F70. had to develop photos then. After that you had to SCAN them. And its kinda how I have this really treasured photograph.

I know almost 90% of the people in this photo...until today...I can still recall their names and faces. I guess the picture spoke of a simpler time or maybe I was just more friendly. In any case it was pretty awesome then. Looking back it still remains a special moment in time.

People were genuinely happy. Happy to be with each other...happy to just sit and talk kok. We spent countless hours at publicity booths, or crazy nights doing publicity banners...or having BBQs and getting drunk sometimes.

And one night...they almost "killed" me with a birthday celebration. Had it all rigged...there was flour, soya sauce, chili and eggs.

It was wierd. We sang when we never needed to. We joked, cursed and sang some more. There were oddball chracters... Spidey, Horny, Jedi, Kedi, Cells, Spacegirl, Goldfish, Ah Sam, Fong-Jie, Bimbo, Auntie Peggy, ODAC Poster Boy, Xunster, Kokster, Maria, ZZ, ET... just to name a few.

And we had fun. Whether it was hiking or helping ZZ clean and keep the tents. Some how we were there for each other. Through dreary nights with Joyce thinking of the next day's publicity(!) or just sprouting nonsense with Spacegirl Wenz while doing booth duty. I remember these moments most.

We had a most lovely campfire I remembered. A most unforgettable "Wah-Liew" script and the most talented "praying mantis" dance this side of the hemisphere.

Chemistry I suppose. Magic.

Last but not least...I also had a most memorable Berkelah Trip which sealed my fate with ODAC. The first trip I led together with a lovely lady called Lining. That first incredible sight of the 30m high waterfall...of nature's glory...and I knew I was hooked. But more importantly. I came to see the beauty of human without the distraction of handphones, books or our everyday worries. We were out in the woods. And all we had was really one another.

That special fondly remembered for its clear skies and bright blessed day. And also for the people who came with me and shared a night and a few meals. Thank you Lining, Peggy, Zong Yao, Kah Boon, Pierre, Shun Yong, Wee Keat, Zoey, HongFu, Jeffery, Daniel, Sam, Jerry, Meei Ting, Ves, Jess and Li Shan...few others who I can't remember. I really did treasure this trip. It was most amazing with you guys.

There were many more.

Belumut...also with Lining. Another amazing bunch, another amazing mountain.

I have had more trips and many more experiences. I'll end here for now. Will come back to add more to this post.

Many more people who I would really love to see again...just to remember a time many, many moons ago...when we shared a cup of milo under a starlit patch of sky. And everything in the world seemed at peace.

...a part of you has touched me deep...and it lingers on in my heart. May our paths cross again someday.

Good night and god speed.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Feeling empty.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My boo and my ride...

Feeling all cramped in the head and jus wanted to write something...or rather express something to the world...via my blog. (amazing fella hasn't died even though I've not blogged in it for over a year) It's a sign...I shud blog more.

Here are some pics of my boo...once self-proclaimed parasite of mine.
Hence forth affectionately known as "bak bak". On this day 4th July...America Independence Day...I proclaim her... "Bak Bak"

Just me and my boo..."bak bak"

More "unflattering" pics of the most glamourous couple in Singapore. Hiak hiak!

Cannot show the pretty pictures...otherwise I get the inevitable "How come a guy like him can be so lucky get a girl like her?" Yah...fat ol' tubby me met a nice pretty girl. Thank you...the world seeks balance and all is fair. If not...LOVE IS BLIND...ok?!! You happy now? that we got the "boo" out of the way, time to present "THE RIDE"!!!

That's right folks...I present to you the very sexy "Ashley". 4 wheels, 5 gears, 1.5L VVT...a very spunky 2005 SUZUKI Swift! Ta da!

1 year and I've already clocked 25,000km! Whoo whee...

Ashley...cause she's a very cool Azure Grey. Fell in love with the colour, the moment I saw it.

There you go. "My Boo and My Ride"

Monday, June 26, 2006

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks, 1 year...and its all measured in the blink of an eye.

Considering my last post was in May 2005...I dare say I'm qualified to talk about time passing in blinks.

1 blink...and its the white-washed PAP kindergarten at Lorong Ah Soo. That lightning logo up on wall...just looked so darn cool then. My very caring and pretty teacher. How I would love to see her once again. 30cents ice know it's out there in that little motobike...can't wait for the bell to ring. (sorry...I cannot remember beyond my kindergarten. So dun expect me to start about me swimming with the other 2/3 million little tadpoles)

2 blinks...its Rosyth Primary and I'm opening doors for teachers and greeting them. Yup, some disciplinary action for wayward boys like me. Works wonders. I do it to my pupils these days. A few teachers to thank; Mrs Cheong, Mrs Elaine Low, Mr Jimmy Ng...for better or for worse I am ever grateful for you guidance.

3 blinks...Nil Sine Labore. And a school that will forever shape the values and principles which govern my life. Taught me leadership and the true meaning of brotherhood; espirit de corps.

4 blinks...JC and a crazy testosterone charged time. But most memorable and best of all, a crazy eclectic bunch of friends.

5 blinks...National Service. Yes Sir! No Sir and UP YOURS SIR! Thankfully, largely uneventful sleepy days in a sleepy camp doing clerical duties. Tore a knee ligament playing basketball and good ol' Godfather Mindef took care of it for me. Got 2 months MC too...heh heh

6 blinks...NIE. Or rather NTU ODAC. Spent some time learning to be a teacher but it seems I spent more time out in nature and frying that perfect pancake.

7 I am. One year on from teaching. And fully contemplating if this truly is a CAREER i want. The kids are worth it...the admin shitload is not.

In the space of two blog entries, I've also witnessed Liverpool win the FA Cup in yet another thrilling 3-3 final. And right now...its the WORLD CUP.

I've recently been to Ho Chi Minh and back.

And my weight is seriously unhealthy now. It used to be its SERIOUSLY UNHEALTHY. Gotta do something about it soon.

I miss stupid times with stupid people doing stupid things.
All you "stupid" people reading this, you know what I mean and I miss you guys.

Cheers folks...(although this entry seems rather gloomy)