Wednesday, August 18, 2010

APAD 4/365: What could possibly turn me...

(APAD 4 is just a bonanza of doing 2 posts in a day. keke...)

When I was doing National Service, I learnt to fire a M16 rifle.
While it was a fun thing to do, not to mention the enhancement of one's ego at the ability to shoot and kill...a new found fear soon dawned upon me.

In my hands lay a weapon by which I could decide a person's life. It was a chilling sort of way. So I begin to question if I could actually do it. Could I actually kill another human being? Even in a war...or in an extreme situation of similar nature...could I actually pull the trigger or inflict a mortal wound on another? I dun think I could though...I felt that its like killing a part of your own humanity when u destroy another.

But recently a can of worms was opened by a friend who posted about child rapists. It led me to question again. Were my own daughter or son sexually abused by another...would it drive me to kill out of rage and vengence. Surprisingly...I think I could.

I think the child rapists or paedophiles are the worst lot. I cannot accept that one would be willing to treat an innocent child in that manner. So if someone should do it to my own child I might conspire to kill the person. Come to think of it...if it happened to my might trigger a similar level of rage and violence.

But I dunno. Perhaps it is too hypothetical. I just know that with the above heinous acts, reason enough can be found within me to destroy another's life. Even if it means I end up in jail.

I think some of my friends may disagree with their religious doctrine. let me know if you think it different. Its just something I thought about.

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